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Hold Platform Smart Contract :

First and the only one in the world

All that is extraordinary, starts from a crazy idea! is here to realize that crazy idea with you
Not an investment, but it is the best speculation this year..

The Search Is Over

Is this you are looking for?

Everyone is bored with various online businesses that are scams. EVEN a coin or token is just a mere pump and dump scheme.

Holdplatform presents a real solution to the instability of token prices due to lack of demand, by using a decentralized system and combined with a brilliant idea to make everything run perfectly forever.

Goodbye failure,
Welcome to Massive Demand!
- Together we go to the moon -

Hodl Platform

Not Investment
Not Lending Platform
Not Pump & Dump Token

Find a new way to store tokens that
prioritize price stability and make
prices tend to arise from time to time.


    How the Hold Platform Works

  • You buy GEX tokens at the Mercatox exchange. Then send all the tokens to your Metamask account.
  • You can HOLD GEX token uses Metamask web3 DApps to communicate with the server, Pmake sure you also have a balance Ethereum (ETH) in your metamask account for the cost of the transaction fee (ETH Gas Fee).
  • Your GEX token will automatically be held at the Smart Contract (DAPPS) which you can later cash at any time to your Metamask account.
  • Tokens will be unlocked every second with details:
    3% per month x 24 months = 72% + Cashback 16%
    So the total is 72% + 16% = 88% x Price Growth

    * Cashback = Enter the reference code during your first transaction
  • How to withdraw your GEX token is very easy, just interact and press the unlock token button on the website or you can:

    Send 0 Ethereum (ETH) from your Metamask to the Smart Contract Hold Platform address whenever you want (you don't have to wait a month), Later DAPPS will detect your ETH address, calculate your token and automatically send the token to your Metamask address.

    Can be used FOREVER
    Even without a website..
power of Blockchain

Why Hold Platform ?

  • Hold Platform overcomes the problem of the majority of coin/tokens whose prices are very volatile and unstable. Whereas, the Hold Platform makes the supply of a token reduce drastically. So that with very high demand combined with the use of the Hold Platform, making circulating tokens increasingly rare from day today. Oh, and of course the price will be directly proportional to the scarcity.
  • Lots of ICO booms are promoted by many people because they give affiliate bonuses. But after ICO? Marketing road in place. The Hold Platform gives 10% affiliate bonus forever. Everyone will compete to promote it.
  • Have another token for example 100 XYZ tokens. Within 2 years the amount did not decrease and remained 100 XYZ, but the value or price dropped dramatically and even the average price was minus 90%. For example, with an Hold Platform, you have 100 GEX tokens, in 2 years your tokens are indeed reduced by the remaining 88 GEX tokens, but the price is relatively stable, the price tends to go up even up to many times
  • Using Smart Contract which is a Decentralized Application. All runs automatically, transparently. You can learn the smart contract code. The transaction will run continuously (Unstoppable). There is no one who can stop DAPPS, even the Smart Contract creator cannot retrieve your token, cannot delete and edit the code that has been created permanently. So that you are calm and far from anxiety about the loss of tokens.

Join Our Community

It's time we unite. Forget thousands of tokens that won't make you happy. Let's learn together, understand blockchain technology and get something special with Globex as the only token that can be used on the Holdplatform.

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Decentralized Application

DAPPS cannot be stopped

Today's internet users do not have single access to all the data they have published. Ethereum is unique because it uses blockchain as a way to fix problems that had not yet been thought of when the internet was created.

This is like a decentralized application store where anyone can publish their unstoppable applications (dapps). And unlike the current app store that still requires intermediaries to manage applications and user information.

Dapps connects users and providers directly. One example is using the DAPPS system for decentralized Twitter, which is resistant to censorship. After you publish a message on the blockchain, it can't be deleted, even by the Twitter company that created the system.

However, so far there is no single definition of DApps because this is a newer concept. Some of the main characteristics are that they are open source and have no central point of failure. Source: was created to tackle classic problems such as the number of online businesses that are scams and the number of tokens that turn out to be just a pump scheme you dump alone.

With brilliant ideas & long-term vision, the HoldPlatform Decentralized Application is ready to help you realize what you have never realized so far.

Cashback Bonuses

16% cashback, use the
code from your sponsor

Just input the cashback code once, get 16% cashback every time you contribute.

On the Hold Platform, each token is unlocked by 72%. Of course, you want to get the maximum benefit, for that the cashback mechanism is made to make the number of tokens you receive to 88%.

Regarding the amount, it is 12%. But with an allocation of 2% which will automatically burn and 10% for referral bonuses. Making 88% of the tokens you have is increasing in price because of the scarcity of tokens through the "Holdplatform" mechanism, the burn mechanism as well as its massive promotion from time to time..

Your sponsor Ethereum Address = Cashback Code

Affiliate Bonuses

10% Affiliate Bonus

The biggest mistake of the majority of tokens is that they only give affiliate bonuses during the ICO

You can imagine at the time of the ICO, so many people promote these tokens because they get an affiliate bonus. But after the ICO is closed and the sale is complete, there will be no more or rarely anyone to promote the token. It was a small mistake that was very fatal. Because all buyers expect the price of tokens to rise, but there is nothing else to promote and only depend on waiting for the product release from the developer, which sometimes is not in accordance with the roadmap..

Your Ethereum Address = Affiliate Code
Give the affiliate code to your referral for his first contribution. The referral code will be locked and valid forever. Every time your referral contributes, you as a sponsor will get a 10% bonus. This is valid for many times for the lifetime of every contribution made by all your referrals..
Make sure the number of tokens that you hold is greater than the referral.


1. How to Transfer ETH to Mercatox Exchange

2. How to buy GEX tokens and Withdraw to Metamask

3. How to Hold on the Hold Platform Smart Contract

4. How to withdraw from the Hold Platform Smart Contract


Legality of bitcoin

The legal status of bitcoin (and related crypto instruments) varies substantially from state to state and is still undefined or changing in many of them.Whereas the majority of countries do not make the usage of bitcoin itself illegal, its status as money (or a commodity) varies, with differing regulatory implications. While some states have explicitly allowed its use and trade, others have banned or restricted it. Likewise, various government agencies, departments, and courts have classified bitcoins differently. While this article provides the legal status of bitcoin, regulations and bans that apply to this cryptocurrency likely extend to similar systems as well.


Road Map

We work hard to ensure this business can provide prosperity for everyone. With a decentralized system:
Nothing will stop us!

2018 Q2
  • Planning a longterm
    & sustainable platform concept
2018 Q3
  • Research various
    Decentralized Apps (DAPPS)
2018 Q4
Token Research
  • Look for lowgwei tokens that are suitable
    for Platform
2019 Q1
Smart Contract (DAPPS)
  • Making Decentralized Application
    and integration with Web3 systems
2019 Q2
  • Prepare landing page for website
2019 Q3
  • Launching

Globex Team

Holdplatform is a decentralized application that currently exclusively uses Globex (GEX) as the main token.
Here are the teams that initiated the birth of GEX (

Community Coin Voting

GEX tokens used at are listed in 9 of the world's 10 Coin Listings.
* Coinmarketcap is still in process!

Supported By

On Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Holdplatform is not an investment program. We do not manage and double your tokens. Holdplatform system is a Decentralized Application that allows users to do HOLD tokens with a specified contract..

Up to this moment over 2000 coins/tokens have been created. If you buy a token and HOLD it in the wallet there is no guarantee that your HOLD token will go up and skyrocket because when you HOLD other users or even the developer is even busy selling the token that you HOLD. So it is a fact that there are thousands of tokens that cost -90% of the ICO price. For this reason, Holdplatform Dapps was created with transparency. You can discover how many people do HOLD tokens, with a minimum duration of 2 years. With a brilliant idea and combining it with automatic burn tokens and 10% affiliate bonus it makes it interesting and will be promoted by many people. With long-term effects the number of tokens in circulation is increasingly rare and you can guess the price of tokens yourself if they are rare like what ??

The way is very easy, you can simply exchange your fiat currency to become Ethereum on the Exchanger in your country. After that send the ETH that you have purchased to Exchange where the GEX token is sold. Then withdraw your token to the metamask address and participate on For detailed steps, you can scroll up on this website page

Decentralized Application is an application/code for a contract written on the Ethereum Blockchain network. Every code written (Deploy) is transparent and permanent. Everyone can read the source code, but anyone and even the creators of Dapps themselves can not change, delete the smart contract code that has been published. The code from Dapps will be forever stored and can be used forever on the Ethereum blockchain network. Decentralized Application = Unstoppable Apps!

The main requirements:
1. Installing Metamask on Desktop / Mobile
2. Required backup of 12 pass metamask phrases on paper
3. Having Globex token (GEX) stored in Metamask
4. Having a little ETH in Metamask for GAS Transfer fees

We really hate the SCAM business. There are no longer counted businesses that had been victorious but suddenly the website closed / could not be accessed so that all funds in the website could not be taken and vanished. Holdplatform uses DAPPS and guarantees that everything will continue as it should forever. If suddenly the Holdplatform website closes / cannot be accessed (we never wanted it) then all your tokens are still safe.

You simply send 0 ETH to the smart contract Address :
then your own token will be sent automatically to your Metamask address according to the terms of the Smart Contract that you have agreed to. Learn Smart Contract, We have absolutely no access to take/steal your tokens. So what else do you doubt? #BIG_BREAKTHROUGH

Actually, we could have used Coinmarketcap top 50 ERC20 tokens, but for what? The price is very expensive, requires hundreds of billions just to go up 100%. For that, we are looking for gwei low tokens at very cheap prices so you can get maximum benefits. In the low Gwei token with only a few billion is very influential on the price, especially combined with Dapps from Holdplatform, you know what the results will be? Because the Dapps Hold Platform makes supply increasingly scarce from day to day.

Globex (GEX) is the single most fortunate token because it can be used on from dozens of low gwei tokens we have selected..